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SCSS Singlehand fås med belly i flyt, intermediate og synk 123



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Dear salmon angler!
I have used all my all my knowledge and all my experience to develop the most complete single
handed flyline for salmon fishing in order to meet the desire for an effective and efficient casting
experience. The Syrstad Complete Short Salmon Single Handed (SCSS-SH) is ment for the smaller
rivers, or tight spaces where the angler does not have much space behind.
The SCSS-SH works excellent for over head casting, but is especially made for spey casting. The short
shooting head is perfectly matched, with no negative impact what so ever on the flow and stability,
whilst using the SCS (10ft) or SCSS (8ft) tapered tips. This makes SCSS-SH very easy to use when
fishing deep and cold water with heavy sink tips and large flies.
The SCSS-SH body is made as float, intermediate and sink 1/2/3.
I hope you are as happy and satisfied as I am with the end result of the LTS Syrstad Complete Short
Salmon Single Handed line, and wish you good luck and tight lines.
Best Regards
Trond Syrstad



Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 12 × 12 × 2 cm

#6/7, #7/8, #8/9


Float, Int, S123


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